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Too few of you to rent a whole chalet?

Too few of you to rent a whole chalet?

Some people always travel in packs.

You know the ones. The enormous family of 16 spanning three generations. Or the group of childhood friends, 18 strong, who somehow manage to all take annual leave at the same time. They can fill a luxury ski chalet at the drop of a fluffy snow hat and still need to ask for extra beds.

But what about the rest of us?  

What about those of us used to travelling with somewhat of a smaller entourage? The family with one child. The newlyweds wanting to holiday alone. The romantic anniversary ski break. Or those of us who can count our best friends on one hand and prefer not to ungracefully snow plough with an entourage?

Yes, exclusive-use ski chalets can sometimes feel like the mother of all single travel supplements. At best your pitiful limited options are as follows:

  1. You can enjoy a luxury ski chalet but you’ll have to fork out for the other 5 empty rooms and make pretend friends out of cushions and pillows.
  2. You round up a pack of estranged family members (all of whom you’d avoid seeing more than twice a decade), and agree to spend 7 intensive days with them adding in the social lubricant that is free flowing alcohol.
  3. You start a Facebook group and fill the chalet with a bunch of people you’ve desperately been trying to de-friend for the last 3 years.
  4. You book a lone room into a faceless hotel with impersonal service and a terrifyingly large and poorly air-conditioned breakfast dining hall. Or worse still…
  5. You go self-catered…

Fear Not!


hot tub in snow with barrel sauna twenty26 french alps morzine

The Penthouse, Les Gets

a brave new world

Ferme de la Corderie, Les Gets

The Penthouse, Les Gets

Ferme de la Corderie, Les Gets

Here at Boutique we think the luxury ski experience should be accessible to everyone, regardless of group size or family estrangement, so we created Boutique Weeks.

Boutique Weeks

Boutique Weeks are simple. They let you experience a luxury ski chalet, in a small group.

For every single week of the season The Boutique Chalet Company opens up one of its Exclusive Use luxury ski chalets to us mere mortals, those of us who travel in ordinary group sizes but who have anything but ordinary appetites for experiencing the very best in luxury and service.

“a room please sir…”

You can book a room, yes, that’s just one room, in some of the most exclusive and prestigious ski chalets in the French Alps. Ok you could invite a couple of friends, maybe bring your children if they’ve been really good, but you can keep your circle deliciously small and enjoy every single aspect of the luxury ski chalet experience.

Problem solved

So there you have it. One of the biggest and most dramatic first world problems, solved. Why travel in a pack of compromises when you can travel on your terms?

Want to have a sneaky peak at a Boutique Week Chalet?

Ferme de La Corderie is one of our luxury ski chalets available for Boutique Weeks. This epic farmhouse underwent a total renovation and restoration spearheaded by it’s owner / interior designer and was critically acclaimed in France Property News.


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