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We all have some stereotypical image in our head of what a traditional American ski lodge looks like. There is normally an abundance of wood, checked-fabric covered soft furnishings, stone accents, big fireplaces and taxidermy galore.

But it seems that North America has embraced a modernist revolution over recent years.

Chalet design both internally and externally has ditched it’s wooden roots in favour of sleek lines, sustainable materials and uber contemporary interiors.

Curbed Ski recently put together a list of their favourite new-wave stateside ski cabins. We’ve ditched the rest to give you a shortlist of the best of North America.

Whistler – the new wave

In Whistler this ski lodge was designed by BattersbyHowat Architects for a London client fearful of cookie cutter mountain interiors.

Instead they created “sleek lines, minimalist standing seam metal roofing, lots of windows with interiors of red cedar, douglas fir beams and glazed glass”.

Their description left us saying ‘huh?’

But their results left us saying ‘wow’.

Jackson Hole – inside out

This 5,400-square-foot home in Jackson Hole was featured in The New York Times, and for good reason.

Larry Pearson of the Pearson Design Group worked on the $4 million dollar project for 16 months. The concept was one of indoor-outdoor living that allows for snow in the entry hall.

Yes … that’s right … the formal entrance hall was turned into an outdoor living room complete with a fireplace and sliding barn doors so you can sit and enjoy those epic views.

British Columbia – A Framing

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson put pen to paper and brain cells to CAD design to create this 3,500 square-foot home in British Columbia.

Giving the classic A-Frame a modernist update, it is sleek, minimalist and even has a hidden under-the-stairs ski mud room.

Practical beauty.

Vail ditches Austria

It had been said that Vail had a penchant for faux-Austrian ski chalets. But there is little evidence of this at this $5.9 million home.

Zinc panels, limestone blocks and clear cedar siding highlight the exterior and the interior focuses solely on contemporary finishes.

Austria… I think it’s over.

Telluride does Mad Men

Our personal favourite.

And it was probably one single photo that secured the top spot for this 8,000-square-foot chalet.

Photo number 1.

That terrace.

That sofa.

That view.

But the epic view is only one of a million reasons why we were hooked.

The steel and wood frame structure, the abundance of windows, the space,the light, the uncluttered luxury.

Telluride did good.

Washington … what???

Washington may not have the biggest reputation in the ski world. It may not have as many traditional ski towns as other states. But it’s got architecture…

This home features expansive windows, an innovative sleeping loft to house guests, and even a bookshelf that opens to reveal a secret bedroom. No you can’t see it!

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