The Boutique Chalet Company

Why this place?

The air, trees and mountains. The lakes, fields and paths. The snow and the pistes. The cold of winter. The heat of summer. Passion runs through the people here. Whether they came for snow or just to be in the mountains. We’re here for all those reasons. And to create something. Something special…

We’re thrilled when a client chooses to place their trust in us for a holiday. Our product is our passion and we hope that shines through in all that we offer.


Our properties are all unique but share one thing in common – they are all private homes which have had a huge amount of love and creativity poured into them. They’re anything but run-of-the-mill chalets. They’re special places and perfect locations for magical memories; in fact it is just that which has typically inspired their owners to build them.


For us however, the chalet is only the first half of the equation. We want our guests to feel at home, comfortable and relaxed but always safe in the knowledge that a highly professional, experienced team are there to look after them. We aspire to offer a service level akin to the finest hotel, but delivered in a relaxed style, not at all stuffy, with no pressure to act in any set way, the creation of an environment where you can unwind completely

Contemporary Vision. Classic Virtues.

Because our product is our passion we never stand still. We live, eat and sleep hospitality. When we’re not ‘at work’ we’ll be taking in the latest restaurant trends, or perhaps checking in for a night to sample a new hotel. Our notebook never leaves our side and we use these experiences to make sure our own product is constantly evolving. We won’t stand still… so you’ll never be left behind.


Despite an intense focus on delivering and exacting quality, value remains core to our beliefs. We strive to work efficiently and whilst there will always be a lower-priced alternative, we truly believe few – if any – will deliver the quality of experience we do, at the price we do. There will always be imitators in the world, but when you choose to stay with us, you can be sure there will be memories you’ll never forget.

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