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What to do in a ski resort if you don’t want to ski …

What to do in a ski resort if you don’t want to ski …

There are some things you can only do in a ski resort.
Where else would you slide at high speed down a mountain only to voluntarily choose to ‘lean in’?
Where else would you enjoy drinking hot wine to then participate in various extreme sports?
Where else would you speak English in a loud voice with a faux French or German accent
hoping that, and that alone, would transcend the language barrier?

So next time you have a down day in a ski resort we recommend
trying out ALL of the following.
You never know the next time you’ll have a chance!

Chalet M, Morzine

1. Night-time outdoor hot tubs

Snow-covered mountains, dark starry night, decked terrace, sunken hot tub, steam rising into the chill of the night. You are post-sauna, pre-dinner, a glass of champagne in hand. A ski resort night-time hot tub is no ordinary hot tub experience. They are the ultimate in outdoor luxury experiences and no one is disturbing your moment.

Night-time outdoor hot tubs: a must do and the very top of our list.

2. Daytime Fondue* eating

It is a vat of hot melted cheese. A vat… of hot, melted, cheese. And you are expected to eat all, of, it.

Where else can you sit and devoured such a thing without reproachful glances and judgemental mutterings? No where I tell you, no where! There are of course fondue accessories, such as bread, potatoes, sometimes cured meat. But we know you are there for the cheese. And we respect you for it.

Daytime solo unadulterated cheese fondue eating: totally acceptable in a ski resort.

*daytime, night-time, morning time, anytime.

Chalet M, Morzine

3. Massages

Sure, you can get massages at home but massages in ski resorts are totally different.

Firstly because you might have spent the day skiing; an activity not currently available within the M25. Secondly because there’ll be a roaring open fire in the next room waiting for you to sit by; a private chef in the kitchen prepping your dinner; saunas warming; champagne chilling, hot tubs bubbling; all of which are magnificent ways to follow up a massage. I admit it’s not exactly the same as home, where you can sit on the Northern line straight after for a sweaty 45-minute commute home. But still, we think it’s worth some time…

Ski resort massages: so much more luxury in a luxury ski chalet.

4. Watch a torch lit descent

Hundreds of ski instructors, descending the mountain, in a long line, at night, each carrying a fire-torch or flare. It looks like a slow-moving line of fire slowly snaking it’s way down the mountain and it really is incredible to watch.

Torch lit descents are weekly events in Morzine, Les Gets and Avoriaz, accompanied by fireworks, mulled wine, and handsome French ski instructors. So really there is nothing more we could want.

Torch lit descents: taking the burden of skiing firmly off your shoulders.

5. Snow Shoeing

Get to parts of the mountain other people can’t reach!

Snow-shoeing is one of the fastest growing winter sports and a great non-ski activity. You can still go up the mountain like the rest of the sliding sheep, but your day will be spent wandering alpine forests and snow-covered glades in peace and tranquility. It’s picture perfect, incredibly safe and takes you to some really special and tourist-free parts of the mountain.

Show Shoeing is often combined with a post-shoe fondue and / or mulled wine.

So there you have it.
Just a few of the things you can do in a ski resort that won’t require you to put so much as a toe near a ski boot.

For more information on any of the above, or for more non-ski-related-ski-resort-activity-ideas … just get in touch!

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