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Brexit is a mountain of uncertainty, a complete white out. I recently attended a forum, 90 minutes on ‘post brexit’ which led us pretty much round in circles.

It was only this week that Theresa May declared article 50 will be submitted by March 2017 and we should be ‘Britain’ again by 2019. Still, this announcement is jolly good use for Brits wanting to plan a ski holiday.  We want answers now . . . or do we? I am starting a ‘let’s all go skiing and forget about Brexit’ campaign. Whose with me? . . .

Since May’s article 50, the sterling has dropped to a 3-year low against the Euro. I am sure it will rise again, like the Phoenix. Let’s face it, we are a pretty stubborn bunch, I am sat writing this blog in a beautiful property in South London, amidst the majority of ‘remain’ campaigners, but my feeling is, it’s happened, we should all rally in great Brit style to show the world ‘we got this’. Of course we have, we won’t let our economy falter . . . we, in particular, the ski industry have too much resting on it. From seconding staff to exchange rates for guests, suppliers and air fares, it’s all wobbling like a jenga tower . . .who will pull the next piece?

I recently attended an event hosted by Consensio Chalets which announced that 77% of us (‘the’ luxury ski industry) expect Brexit to have a negative impact on our business.

A recent article in the Telegraph however has trumped up some pretty good stats to encourage us that our trusty old skiers will STILL SKI! . . . well what better way to forget your woes than blasting down a mountain? (many of us also trying to leave our hangover at the top of the snowy covered peaks)

People who ski, will ski. People who don’t ski are less likely to take it up now. Well, that seems reasonable to me. If you bought your new ski’s and sexy Bognor jacket you would be damned if it doesn’t leave your wardrobe! According to ‘The Ski Club’ consumer research 2016 report, 65% of skiers have said that their skiing habits will remain the same over the next three years and 28% said their snow sports would increase (the remaining 7% are obviously ‘wanna be’ skiers and have fallen on the first powder day) so quite frankly, when they return, we will leave them searching for their ski’s off piste.

Thanks to the recent statistics released today, the Brexit white out seems to be dawning on a blue bird. The skies are clearing and our faithful skiers, will be returning. It will be a tough year, it’s always a tough year until the snow falls and client’s get the urge to shimmy down fresh tracks and into the arms of a comforting vin chaud. But for god’s sake, let’s be a little but more positive . . . it’s about time to begin the snow dance after all.

Les Gets
Les Gets

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