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How much do you trust your chef?

How much do you trust us?

Because here at Twenty26 we wanted to give our Head Chef the ultimate freedom – to create a fine dining experience of his choice.

Our only stipulation was that:

  • It had to be at least 4 courses
  • It had to be delicious
  • It had to leave guests in a happy post-meal food coma.

Why a blind tasting menu?

We all have a tendency to order old favourites or to live within our culinary comfort zone…

…we wanted to create a fine dining experience where people left their entire dining experience in the hands of someone else.

Not that we will be serving up mud & worms or a plate of alpine pinecones. Everything will be delicious, well-sourced and beautifully prepared with suggested wine accompaniments. Its just, we get to decide your dinner!

Blind tastings will be running on the first Thursday of every month at T26 over summer.

At least 4 courses
– 40 euros –

First Session: Thursday 7th July

This is an exercise in trust

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Enjoy a meal without a menu


Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

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