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A 21 year love affair with The White Company

A 21 year love affair with The White Company

There are so many things we miss about London;
Borough Market on a Saturday morning;
The ThamesClipper for our daily commute;
Great coffee, pop-up restaurants, lost tourists and bizarre West End plays. But most of all we miss the shopping.
We miss wandering around the shops of our favourite brands.
Being able to see, touch, try their gorgeous products.
We miss the excitement of watching new purchases being beautifully wrapped then walking down the street carrying gift-filled bags.
In short, we miss The White Company.

Celebrating its 21st anniversary this year

Over the last 21 years, The White Company
has developed from simple concept into global brand.
The vision of founder Chrissie Rucker – to offer beautiful products, outstanding value for money and first class customer service – has always resonated with us at The Boutique Chalet Company.
So in honour of their anniversary we have picked Our
Top 5 Favourite White Company products, which was difficult, because there are about 55 products that we really want to rave about!

1. The Candles

Candles are one of the simplest luxuries.
Whether it’s bath-time, mealtime, or just a bit of down time,
lighting a beautiful candle signifies something.
It always makes us feel like we are really treating ourselves!

2. The Little White Company

As The Boutique Chalet Company welcomed it’s own little bundle of joy into the world this year we fell head over heels in love with
The Little White Company – because who wouldn’t want to buy really really small versions of so many of our favourite things!

3. Cashmere

Yes that’s right. Cashmere. All of it. Everywhere. All of the time. The jumpers, the blankets, the scarfs, the hats, the gloves, the throws. We want to cover ourselves from head-to-foot in cashmere and we want it to be from The White Company.

4. The socks

What can we say! We live in a snow-covered paradise. We have become preoccupied by our feet. What better way to keep them toasty warm than with The White Company’s snug socks?

5. The Bed Sheets

White bed sheets were the starting point of The White Company. They were the Founder, Chrissie’s, lightbulb moment. When decorating her now husband’s new apartment, 21 years ago, she could not find high quality, affordable, white sheets. Not only that, the shopping experience to find them was borderline torturous. She decided, that day, to change things and thus The White Company was born…

So, Happy Anniversary to The White Company. May all those who choose to shop with you be as happy as we always are!

For a list of The White Company’s own personal favourite products click here.

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