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7 reasons to go skiing at Christmas

7 reasons to go skiing at Christmas

There is still a certain stigma that comes from packing your bags over the festive period and fleeing the country.  Envious friends will tell you it’s a time for family. Needy relatives will claim you are robbing your kids of precious Christmas memories. The Daily Mail will cry ‘It’s just not right!’

We think shoving your offspring in the nearest 4×4, swerving your way down the M25 to the nearest airport and getting on a plane to the mountains isn’t just a good idea, it’s scientifically proven to make you happier*.

1. Firstly it’s good for your health.

Whether it’s the Vitamin D from the mountain sunshine, all the time you’ll be spending in the fresh outdoors, or the exercise you will be doing skiing, snowboarding, snow-shoeing or just walking around a snowy town, there is a reason why everyone who lives in a ski resort looks so God damn good. Your body and doctor will thank you.


2. Christmas in the Alps couldn’t be more festive, literally.

Because there will be a massive Christmas tree in the chalet, outside the chalet, everywhere you look. Then there’s the roaring open fires, the mulled wine, the snowy mountain views and the resort itself that has been tinselled to within an inch of its life.  The Alps are Christmas. Ok it can’t compete with 3-hour delays on a rainy M4 but still… if you have to spend Christmas somewhere….

3. No Chores!

Who are we kidding, even the best planned home Christmases involve chores. There’s the planning, the shopping, the wrapping, the prepping, the serving, the clearing, the cleaning, the burden of which invariably falls on one member of the family. And that’s before the obligatory travelling to various homes of relatives and friends. But if you spend Christmas in a ski chalet you won’t have to cook Christmas dinner, fight about washing up or attend a dry turkey buffet in Berkshire. All of which equates to less arguments, more quality time, happy faces and big smiles. Which is surely good news for any family?

4. The Snow

They’ve sung songs about it, made films about it, painted pictures and written books. Christmas is supposed to be white. On a Christmas ski holiday, you really will wake up to a white Christmas morning – not a grey one, not a rainy one, not an overcast blustery one. It will be white. With a snowman.

5. Quiet Slopes

For those of you who like to spend as much time as possible on the mountain, Christmas day is traditionally very quiet. No lift queues, first tracks off piste, stunning views when you stop for your mid morning vin chaud. The mountain over Christmas really is your own.


6. You’ll get the GoPro

If you spend Christmas skiing, not only can you legitimately ask for all the ski-related presents you have ever dreamt off (that seemed pointless and irrelevant to your partner back home) but you are likely to get all the ski-related presents you have ever dreamt of**.


7. Turkey Panic

Last but not least, if you stay in a ski chalet over Christmas you won’t have to find a million different things to do with leftover turkey. There will be no turkey curries, turkey strews, turkey sandwiches. You can put down your Jamie Oliver 30 minute meals and let your own personal chef make you something completely different and wonderful for Boxing Day night.  Turkey Free.

Chalet M, Morzine

So, to all the naysayers who frown upon holidaying over Christmas, we think ski chalet Christmases let you create lasting happy memories with your nearest and dearest. Because wouldn’t you rather hear ‘Remember the Christmas Dad got first tracks and you did that epic 360.’  than ‘Remember the Christmas Grandma  got wasted and forgot to turn the oven on…’.

2015 has been a long year. You’ve worked hard. So give yourself and your family the ultimate Christmas present and come skiing!
You’ve earned it!

* we did not ask a scientist to verify this.

** coming soon… our top ten ski-related presents.

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